Fizz is an American songwriter and producer who creates music for film and writes songs in various collaborations. FIZZ (aka Todd Meisler) was born in Levittown, Long Island NY, and moved to California as a child in the late 70’s. Taught by his father, a drummer, and orchestra leader to play percussion and drums at an early age, he found a deep talent and passion for singing in the late ’80s. FIZZ is now a vocalist primarily and plays guitar and dabbles in keyboards and other instruments, and tracks most instruments on his solo music.

Originally vocalist and songwriter in Puppets Of Mankind, Congregation, Live Skin, and Live Sex Video in Hollywood during the ’90s. Fizz now paints emotionally charged musical landscapes in his new solo music and will be releasing singles of songs to be released in the 2021 full-length album, Dust and Scratches. Traveling between the Mid-west and West coast recently, he is re-imagining songs from these former collaborations and solidifying the arrangements, and re-recording his favorite songs from these former works. With the help of engineer/producer Michael Rozon, these songs are being remastered and mixed the way they were to be originally released for film and album releases. There is a dark place where the emotion and sentiment derives, FIZZ captures these stories and memories in his latest new songs as well as the tracks that have followed him around for years, haunting him to complete and play for the world to finally hear.